Tomb Raider (2013) [Steam 1.0.716.5] +8 Trainer [LinGon]

Tomb Raider (2013) [Steam 1.0.716.5] +8 Trainer [LinGon]

This +8 trainer created for the new game in Tomb Raider series of action adventure games will keep Lara Croft alive and well, but in some scripted scenes infinite health option won’t help you. You can also receive massive amount of salvage items, set your skill points to 999, and you won’t run out of ammo and arrows. You can make Lara run faster and jump 3 to 4 times higher, but be careful, don’t use super jump option all the time. It can prevent some scenes from occurring if it’s enabled in certain areas of the game and might hinder progression. However, it is useful for reaching areas you would’t normally reach. You can also teleport to a previously saved location.

Trainer Hotkeys:

Home: Enable Codes
F1: Infinite Health
F2: Massive Salvage
F3: Set 999 Skill Points
F4: Infinite Ammo
F5: Super Speed
F6: Super Jump
Numpad 8: Store Location
Numpad 9: Teleport
Numpad 0: Undo Teleportation

Tomb Raider

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