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Knights of the Temple II [1.0] +10 Trainer [Unleashed]


With this +10 trainer created and released for the original 1.0 version of the action adventure game Knights of the Temple II you will get full health and you won’t be defeated, you’ll be able to run without getting tired, you can get full special power that you can use anytime, always have full special attacks, get 99 of all items (herbs, drink, ammo, arrows), receive lots of gold, defeat any enemy with one hit, add 1000 experience points to your character, saves your current character position and teleport there.

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Payday 2 [Beta Steam Update 4] +9 Trainer [LinGon]


This +9 trainer can be used with the Steam beta release of the first person shooter game Payday 2, it is compatible with the Update 4 version of the game and it can provide you with a dozen of useful cheats. You can keep your character alive, receive an infinite amount of ammo to use, act very fast in needed situations, make drilling easier, you can unlock everything in the Skill Upgrade Menu, run super fast, jump very high, and teleport to a previously saved location.

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Cloudberry Kingdom [1.0] +1 Trainer [MrAntiFun]


This is a very simple +1 mini trainer released for the 1.0 version of the platformer game Cloudberry Kingdom which you can use to multiply your score 100 times.

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CastleStorm [1.0] +3 Trainer [MrAntiFun]


You can use this +3 trainer if you need some help to finish the tower defense game CastleStorm. It will give you endless supply of coins and ham, and remove soldiers limit. Game version supported is 1.0

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Shadowrun Returns [1.0.3] +6 Trainer [MrAntiFun]


You can use this updated +6 trainer while playing the 1.0.3 version of the tactical role-playing game Shadowrun Returns to increase your money by 5000 or 1 million dollars, to move freely around the map, to receive an infinite amount of ammo, to remove karma limit, and to get lots of karma points.

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