Call of Duty 2 [1.0] +21 Trainer [GradenT]

Call of Duty 2 [1.0] +21 Trainer [GradenT]

This great +21 trainer can be used with the original version of the older first person shooter Call of Duty 2 to get access to so many useful cheats, you can become immortal, invisible to enemies, you can get infinite amount of grenades and ammo, use weapon cheats, such as no reload, rapid fire, no recoil, one hit kill, you can hide HUD, hide gun, show FPS, you can slow down time, change gravity, speed, fov, and jump. There’s also no clip mode observation cheat.

Trainer Hotkeys:

Numpad 0: Invisibility
Numpad 1: God Mode
Numpad 2: No Reload
Numpad 3: Infinite Ammo
Numpad 4: Infinite Grenades
Numpad 5: No Recoil
Numpad 6: Freeze Recoil Weapon
Numpad 7: Rapid Fire
Numpad 8: No Clip Mode
Numpad 9: One Hit Kill
F1: No Clip Observation
F2: Hide HUD
F3: Hide Gun
F4: Show Fps
F5: Fog
F6: No Spread
Z: Slow Time
X: Normal Time
Alt + Home: Zero Gravity
Alt + End: Normal Gravity
Alt + Scroll Lock: Increase Gravity
Alt + Numpad +: Increase Speed Hack
Alt + Numpad -: Normal Speed Hack
Alt + Right Arrow: Increase Fov
Alt + Left Arrow: Deicrease Fov
Alt + Up Arrow: Increase Jump
Alt + Down Arrow: Normal Jump

Call of Duty 2

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